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This is a public archive of primary sources of Christian Science, a practical metaphysic discovered by Mary Baker Eddy in 1866. The archive includes the textbooks of Christian Science, which are the King James Bible and Ms. Eddy's Science and Health. It also includes other works by her and by other early workers in the field.

These workers include:

  • Bicknell Young, Ms. Eddy's student and a teacher, nephew of Mormon Brigham Young
  • Gilbert Carpenter, member of Ms. Eddy's household and a teacher
  • Edward Kimball, teacher and lecturer whose teaching Ms. Eddy called "clear and correct"
  • Martha Wilcox, also a member of Ms. Eddy's household and a teacher
  • Adam Dickey, Ms. Eddy's personal secretary
  • Una Willard, teacher and sister of Roy Bedichek, the naturalist

This archive is not affiliated with any church. And neither am I. While anyone is welcome to the works in this archive, my motive for putting them here is to make available the most substantive works to those who wish to demonstrate Christian Science. Ms. Eddy once told a student, "You are alone with your own being and the reality of things." And this is the best standpoint for study.

Source Depository

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Updated 08/04/2018
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Regarding Our PDFs

All our files are PDFs and all are verified as complete and non-corrupt. They are easily downloaded and read on desktops, laptops, and netbooks. On mobile devices there are sometimes issues with PDFs. Some devices on some settings will not download a PDF. Some scanned PDFs are so large that they will crash the mobile reader. Early Google Books PDFs were apparently intended to look good in HD and will appear as unreadable but colorful caustic art in some readers.

Viewing PDFs in any browser causes the file to be re-downloaded for each reading. You can access them more quickly and off-line by choosing "Download File" and then using your Kindle, Adobe Reader, iBook, Google Books, or similar, to read your local copy.

NOTE: On all readers and platforms, scanned PDFs can take a while to load. If the PDF loads but appears blank, stop paging around in it and wait. You will find that the next page loads by the time you read the current one.

Science and Health - 1st edition

I remember that when I was young, the reading of this book was almost forbidden among Christian Scientists. It took me almost six decades to get over that feeling and read it. It turns out the book is absolutely fine. It's simply the first version of something that was intensely edited for another 35 years. It was poorly proofread, as there are two pages of errata in the back. Only one typo, however, is harmful to the meaning of the text. Beyond that, you will find it isn't half the book the final edition is (460pp vs. 700pp). There is no Recapitulation, no Apocalypse, no Teaching Christian Science, no Fruitage, no several other things in detail. The current 30-page chapter Christian Science versus Spiritualism began as an 80-page Imposition and Demonstration. It seems that Christian Science put an end to both Spiritualism and Mesmerism in our daily lives, where in 1875 the two were constantly in the daily papers. So the book is here to kill off the bugaboo of reading it. Read it and enjoy. Or skip it and miss very little. There were two or three times I thought an idea was put so clearly and powerfully that I learned something new. But that's all I can recommend it for.
(Note that the chapter Recapitulation was initially published alone as The Science of Soul and almost immediately retitled The Science of Man. This was the initial textbook in Ms. Eddy's first private classes of healing. No PDF copy of that appears available.)

Why Some PDFs Are No Longer Here

I'm not your Mom. Read what you like. But I am responsible to a tangible and practical principle for what I publish on-line. Here's what I've unpublished and why:

  • Dominion Within - Rev. G. A. Kratzer: Mr. Kratzer plagiarizes Bicknell Young at length.
  • Leaves of Healing - Peter V. Ross: Mr. Ross writes as if all the ideas about healing are his. There is no attribution in sight. And the ideas are not his. Very bad behavior.
  • Christian Science, Its Clear, Correct Teaching - Herbert W. Eustace: Mr. Eustace's heading is off by only a degree or less. But he travels so far that, by the end, you can tell he won't make landfall. When you get far enough along, you could read him, gain some good, but see what I mean. On the other hand, the same good is available in texts still on-site and it's easier to get the other stuff into your head than to get it out.

Questions or Need Help?

If you have questions and are actually working on the problem of being through Christian Science, or hoping it will help you solve this problem, you are welcome to email me below. And you won't get my "opinions" on anything, as I have none. I only know what I have demonstrated.

If you actually need help, I will help you. I am class taught and could put C.S. after my name. But I won't. I withdrew from branch and Mother Church in good standing. In truth, I can only help you if you are struggling to rise up. We must continuously let go of the mortal sense of things and gently rise into an understanding of our spiritual reality. This reality, maintained by infinite Love, and our realization of it, is all that heals. Having faith in a practitioner is idolatry and brings, at most, a faith healing which leaves you worse than before. The true practitioner of Christian Science merely gives you a boost. A gentle boost can bring a healing. But not if you are struggling to keep what you have and remain down where you find yourself in trouble now. So if you need a boost, my email is below.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been healed by reading Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy. The final chapter of this book and of Miscellaneous Writings are testimonies from people so healed. Reading the latter ones will remove some of the limited thoughts about who and what is healed. But even if your problem were to be a horrible one and you were to be rightly grateful to Divine Love and to the author of Science and Health for a healing of that difficulty or disease, you will find that the continual uplifting of your own understanding, which only you can do, is the only point to any of this.

Or Would You Like to Help?

I am not putting a "Donate" button on this site for several reasons, one being that Paypal and the card companies have enough money already and then some. And the PDFs are free for the taking and can be redistributed by anyone. No one owns what is in the public domain. But websites supported by users last longer than websites without that support. If you would like to help, ask for my physical address by email and you can send whatever you'd like.

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